Set Up Provider Schedules

The next step in the online booking configuration is to set up your Provider Schedules which will be using Ocean's online booking.


PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR PRO

The next step in the online booking configuration is to set up your Provider Schedules which will be using Ocean's online booking.

Note: Each active provider schedule is billed at $27.50 per schedule per month.

If you can't find the provider schedule, it may not be synced in your Ocean and EMR integration. Review your Cloud Connect Configuration to ensure Ocean can access the provider schedules you need.

  1. Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Online Booking". Click the "Settings" button in the top right corner.
  2. Next to the "Provider Schedules" heading, click Configure.
  3. Click Add Schedule.
  4. Select the provider schedule you would like to add. You can start typing into the search bar, or use the window below the search bar to find your provider's schedule. See descriptions below for details about each setting.
  5. Click the Save button.

Quick Tip:

  • If you're creating multiple Provider Schedules which have the same settings, you can use the 'Duplicate' feature after creating your first schedule.
PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro

Schedule Settings

Patient friendly schedule name
This is the name that will appear to patients when selecting this provider schedule. This will also be the name for this specific configuration of this provider schedule in your online booking configuration.
EMR Time Slot Interval
This refers to the provider schedule's time slot interval in your EMR.
Optional Billing Subsite
If your Ocean Site has billing subsites, specify the appropriate subsite for this schedule using this dropdown menu.

Default Configuration

Allow patients to book within these template slots
Select the template slots that Ocean may book into. Time slots in your EMR that are not templated will also be bookable by Ocean. Note that additional appointment suggestions/template slots may be bookable based on appointment type restrictions.
Appointment Types
Click the blue "Add Appointment Type" button to select the Appointment Type(s) that you created earlier. This step allows you to indicate the types of appointments that patients can select when booking into this Provider schedule.
You can use the up and down arrows on the Appointment Types to customize the order in which they are presented to patients.
*Note: If EMR appointment type mapping is on, you can enable appointment type restrictions here. Read more about appointment type restrictions.
Who is allowed to book into this schedule?
All patients- any patient can book into your schedule.
Patients with Selected Providers- use this setting to restrict patients who have certain providers to book into this schedule. For example, if Dr. Doug Kavanagh would only like his patients to book into his schedule, he would select Dr. Doug Kavanagh from the drop down list of providers, and specify the proper field(s) to evaluate in the patient's chart.

For clarity, the "Primary Provider" setting in Ocean evaluates the "Primary Provider" field in the Med Access chart.

The "Family Doctor" setting in Ocean evaluates the "Family Provider" field in the Med Access chart.

The "any Care Team Member" setting in Ocean evaluates all of the following fields in the Med Access chart: Primary Provider, Family Provider, Secondary Provider

Booking Window
Set how far in advance patients can book into this schedule.
Day/Time Restrictions
Set recurring times in the provider's schedule that aren't available for online booking. For example, you can select all days of the week, from 12pm - 1pm to ensure Ocean doesn't display appointment time slots over the lunch hour to be booked online.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings contain your online booking forms. Advanced Ocean users can customize their eForms to additionally screen patients, or gather more information during their booking process.

Warning: The appointment types configured from Step 1 will be generated in a section with the item reference “appointmentType” in this booking form. It’s highly suggested that you do not edit these items in the booking form. Only advanced eForm users should edit this section.

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