Create a CDS Link to Launch a Specific Consult and/or Referral Target in the Healthmap

If your Accuro site commonly consults and/or refers to a specific destination in the Ocean Healthmap, you can set up a CDS link to launch directly to that destination. In order to do so you will need to generate a new CDS link URL by taking the following steps:

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin Settings page. Click "Manage Credentials", and click to "Configure Accuro CDS Links".
  • Find and copy the link for "Send eRequest".
  • Go to the Ocean Healthmap and search for the listing you would like to launch directly from your Accuro EMR. Once selected, hover over the listing name to pop up the unique consult or referral target reference in tooltip text. Copy this reference.
  • Edit the "Send eRequest" URL by inserting the text "&rtRef=" followed by the listing reference, in between the "action=refer" and "&siteNum" portions of the URL. Your final URL should look something like the following, once compiled.
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