Sending eReferral Appointment Notifications from Accuro

Before following the steps in this guide, ensure you have set up the Send Appointment Notifications CDS link. Click here for setup instructions.

Ocean allows referral recipients to continue to schedule any eReferral appointments within their Accuro scheduler, and then simply launch a CDS button or link to update the referral appointments within Ocean. Steps to do so are outlined below.

  • Select the patient in Accuro for whom you wish to update the referral appointment.
  • Make the desired changes to the patient's appointment(s) in the Accuro scheduler (book, cancel, or reschedule an appointment, etc.)
  • When ready, select the Send Appointment Notification CDS link or button.
  • The Patient Dashboard will launch in a new window, and you will be prompted to choose the referral to update. Click View beside the referral that is associated with the appointment notification.
  • In the scheduling pane of the referral, click on the appointment you wish to add to the referral.
  • Quick Tip: All of the patient's future appointments from the Accuro scheduler will be listed. If more than one appointment is related to the referral, you can click each applicable appointment. Alternatively you can click the "+" icon to add a second appointment slot to the referral scheduling pane, then choose the second appointment listed to populate the newly added slot.
  • Add any desired booking comments and/or attachments to the scheduling pane of the referral. Then choose Done to save and close the referral. This will trigger a booking email notification to the referring provider, and one to the patient, IF the patient consented to email notifications.
  • Note: If would like to cancel an appointment on an eReferral, follow steps A to D above. The recently cancelled appointment will be listed in the scheduling pane with an 'X' beside it. Select it to remove the appointment from the Ocean eReferral. Click 'Done' to save and close the referral. Appointment notifications will be triggered to the referring provider and the patient, IF the patient consented to email notifications.
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