Set Up Your Site to Receive Walk-Ins*

Note for Ontario Users: In Ontario, Ocean eConsults are currently in a limited release. For more information on eConsult in Ontario as part of the Ontario eServices Program, please review the Overview of eConsults in Ontario article.

If you are a receiving site that accepts walk-in patients, you will want to enable the "Accept Walk-In" feature in your site.

This is an an optional part of setting up eReferrals.

If you are a receiving site that accepts walk-in patients (i.e. patients who can come in whenever they're available, without necessarily having a pre-booked appointment).

Follow the steps outlined below to enable this walk-in setup.

  • In the "Service Details" panel, click on the health service offering for your listing that accepts walk-in patients.
  • In the pop-up window, click on the blue text beside the "Wait Time 1" field to access the "Wait Time Information" dialog box.
  • For the "Reported Wait Time" field, select "Walk-In".
  • Be sure to save your changes.
  • Now when you accept any new incoming eReferrals for this specific health service offering, the "Accept" option at the bottom of the referral will default to "Accept Walk-In".
  • As usual, the "Import" window will appear, where you can obtain the patient's Ocean reference number. Accepting the eReferral will also move the patient directly into the "Walk-In" folder.
  • From there, whenever the patient comes in to the office, you can simply search for them in this "Walk-In Folder" and then mark the referral as "Completed".
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