How do I prepopulate a field for a patient on a form?

When building/editing your Ocean eForms, you can set certain fields to be pre-populated with information that is available from the patient's chart in the EMR. This can be helpful for demographic fields, so the patient doesn't need to fill in the same information every time they use Ocean to fill out forms.

  • To set this up, you will want to take advantage of the "Prepopulate this item with" field in the Note Formatting tab of the eForm Editor.
  • In this field, you can select from a long list of keywords to pre-populate the field with. You can browse through this list by typing the 'at' symbol (@) into the "Prepopulate this item with field" and scrolling down through the list of keywords that pops up.

To see a full list of keywords, please refer to: "Using Keywords to Automatically Insert Content".

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