Can I bold / underline / italicize text in an eForm?

Yes. Simply add in standard old-fashioned HTML "tags" for bolding, underlining or italicizing around the text you want to style. These tags will work for a caption (i.e. question stem) or a custom clinical note. Common tags include:

HTML Tag Resultant Style
<b> </b> Bold
<u> </u> Underlined
<i> </i> Italicized
eForm Questions Clinical Notes
  • Select the item on your eForm that you would like to style. It will turn purple once selected.
  • On the right panel, in the "Caption" field, surround the text you want to highlight with the appropriate HTML tags (see the example to the right).

Note for eForm Section Headers

  • You can also bold/underline/italicize section headers by selecting the desired section, entering the Note Formatting tab, and picking an option for the "Note header style" field.
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