Link User EMR Accounts to Ocean User Accounts

Ocean users need to link their EMR and Ocean user accounts in order to enable alerts and track activity.

Ocean Site Admins can provide the following instructions to all of their Ocean users in order to link their Ocean user account with their EMR user account. This step must be completed by each individual user.

1. Initiate a new Patient Message from a test patient chart in your EMR.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR
  • From within a test patient chart, select 'Email' from the Ocean Toolbar or custom form.

2. Log in to your Ocean user account.

  • After launching from your EMR, a new Patient Message window will open in your internet browser.

    Your EMR user name will be displayed at the top of the window, and you will be prompted to link your EMR user account with your Ocean user account. Click the banner to proceed.

  • You will be prompted to log in to your Ocean user account. Enter your username, password, and then click 'Sign In'.
  • After signing in, your EMR user account is now successfully linked to your Ocean user account.
  • You can safely close the Patient Message window.
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