TELUS API Connectivity Issues April 9, 2018

We are seeing errors returned from the TELUS API this morning. TELUS is investigating the issue. TELUS clients that have connected an OceanConnect device to the TELUS API may experience the following:

  • Patients not loaded for kiosk use
  • Patients not marked as arrived
  • Generated Ocean notes not being added to chart
  • Ocean Form Reminders delayed

As a temporary workaround, clinics can download clinical notes as required using the "download" link in the toolbar.

Clinics that are not yet connected to the TELUS API will not be affected.

We will update this ticket as more information becomes available from TELUS.


Update 2:55PM from TELUS: "Please note that we continue to experience an issue with the SSH Tunnel service for PS Suite clients. This issue is intermittent and is causing the SSH tunnel connection to drop. This results in a “nTELUS EMR Mobile cannot connect to your EMR Server. Please see the following link for more information.” error message from the API. TELUS has a team currently troubleshooting and have made it a high priority."


Update 5:30PM: TELUS believes they have isolated the issue to a change in the latest PSS version, and a ripple effect of a handful of clinics upgrading Sunday morning that resulted in Ocean connectivity disruptions for other clinics (that were not upgraded). They are going to disconnect the upgraded clinics from the API tonight, apply a PSS patch and monitor the API tomorrow. TELUS is contacting clinics directly that need to be disconnected, so if you haven't heard from them, there is no action required.


Update April 10, 2018 9:45AM: Although we do not yet have confirmation from TELUS, it appears that the maintenance work done by TELUS last night has helped at least some clinics that have reported success with kiosks this morning. Three clinics were disconnected from the API by TELUS; we assume that TELUS has informed those clinics but will be reaching out to confirm. If you are not one of the "disconnected" clinics, please try your kiosks this morning and contact us if you have any issues.


Update April 11, 2018 9:45AM: TELUS has confirmed that the issue was related to a PSS upgrade and patches were applied to affected clinics last night to address the issue. All clinics, including those disconnected from the API yesterday, have been reconnected by TELUS and your Ocean Kiosks, Ocean Online and other Ocean technology that interfaces with a TELUS EMR should be back to normal. Let us know if otherwise.



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