Getting Started with eForms

Learn how to browse through our core eForm library or the shared eForm library for a starting point for the Ocean eForms that you would like to use in your clinic.

    • To get started, Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "eForms".
    • From here, you can search for existing eForms, edit them to your liking, and/or create new eForms from scratch.
  • The Core Ocean eForm Library

    • Use the search bar to search through our extensive core library of Ocean eForms. You can download a spreadsheet with the full list of forms available to your site by selecting "Export All Forms Accessible to This Site" from the "More" menu. To preview some of our favourite forms, please visit our eForms product page.
    • Once you've found a form that you want to use, you can edit it to your liking by clicking on the form title and selecting "Edit". Once you've edited a form, its title will appear in blue (rather than the default black).
  • The Shared Ocean eForm Library

    • If you cannot find the form that you're looking for, you can view the shared library of Ocean eForms that contains all forms that our Ocean users have created.
    • You can access this more extensive library of forms by selecting "View Shared Forms" from the "More" menu.
    • If you find a form that you'd like to use, click on its title and the click on the "Import" button to make it available to your site.
    • Imported forms can be edited (to customize it for your site), severed from the source site (if you want to make edits to the form, independent of its original source) and can also be synced with the form in the source site (if you'd like to capture any updates the the source site has made to the form).
  • Creating New Ocean eForms

    • If you still can't find the form you're looking for, you are welcome to create a new form from scratch by selecting the "Create New Form" button and then following the steps in "Creating a New Ocean eForm".
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