Creating a New Ocean eForm

If you can't find an eForm that suits your needs in our library, you can go ahead and create a new Ocean eForm.

Follow the steps below to create a new Ocean eForm.

  • Select "Create New Form". You will be asked to agree to the licence terms. Select "I Agree" to continue.
  • Name your form. (This will open the eForm editor window.)
  • Choose either "Add Item" or "Add Section" to get started.
  • Add Item
    A single question.
    Add Section
    A group of related items or questions that include a header. Sections are used to visually define and separate areas on a form. When building a multi-page form, Sections are used to define a page.
  • When you've added an item, you will be see a series of tabs along the right side of the eForm Editor: General, Note Formatting, and Scripting and More.
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