Using eForms to Obtain Informed Consent

Ocean eForms cannot be used to obtaining physical signatures; however, many sites use eForms for obtaining informed consent.

Here are a few examples that you may customize as needed:

These above agreements are consistent with the CMPA's guidelines on obtaining informed patient consent.

Note that the CMPA's policy does not in fact require a physical or "wet" signature from the patient when obtaining consent. A signature is neither necessary nor sufficient for obtaining informed consent. Instead, the CMPA policy expects clear documented evidence that all of the risks, benefits, and alternative treatments have been explained to the patient, and that the patient has had a chance to ask questions regarding the procedure.

Sending eForms to patients ahead of their appointment creates an ideal environment for the patient to review this information in advance, without feeling rushed to comply with the physician waiting in the room.

As with any eForm, the generated note associated with these consent forms is completely customizable using the eForm Editor.

If a physical signature is nonetheless felt to be necessary for your clinic, the old-fashioned pen and paper approach is tough to improve upon. In this case, it may be more helpful to let your EMR vendor set your clinic up with a streamlined paper scanning workflow.

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