Keeping Track of eForm Changes with eForm History

eForm History is a powerful feature in the eForm Editor that allows you to review changes made to a form and/or restore the form to any earlier saved versions.

    • eForm History can be found within any eForm in the “Action” menu located in the top right corner of the eForm Editor.
    • You can view your form's eForm History by selecting “View EForm History” from the dropdown “Action” menu.
    • From the dialogue box that appears, you’ll be presented with a list displaying the entire revision history of the eForm, from its initial creation to the latest edit.
    • Note: A new entry is added every time the “Save Changes” button is clicked.
    • Each entry lists a creation timestamp, the user who made the changes, and two buttons: “Preview” and “Revert” (as described below).
  • Preview

    • This will open a new window showing a preview of what the eForm looked like at the selected version. You can walk through and test the eForm from the perspective of a patient, as well as see what the resulting clinical notes will look like in your EMR (in the floating blue box).
  • Revert

    • This will reset the eForm back to the selected version. Once this button is pressed, a dialogue will appear to allow you to confirm your choice. Keep in mind that any subsequent changes made in newer versions will be overwritten once a reversion takes place.
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