PS Suite: Utilizing "Preferred Method of Contact"

Providing a patient with the ability to choose their "preferred method of contact" allows Ocean to define the phone or email address preference directly in the EMR chart.

  • For example, if a patient prefers to be contacted at their home phone number, it can be "starred" like so:

  • In the Ocean form library, clinics can make use of the "Preferred Method of Contact" eForm to solicit this information from their patient population.

Once a menu option has been selected using this form, Ocean will make the following updates in the EMR chart:

  1. The corresponding preferred method of contact will be bolded and "starred" in the top demographic area of the chart.

  2. Ocean will generate an encounter note receipt of the demographic change that was made.

    If the chart previously did not possess a preferred method of contact, the note will simply say:

    Preferred Method of Contact: [option selected]

    If Ocean is updating/changing an existing preferred method of contact, the note will say:

    Ocean: - preferred method of contact was set from '[original value]' to '[new value]'.


Setting Up a Custom "Preferred Method of Contact" Form

If you would like to add "preferred method of contact" functionality to a new or existing form, please follow these steps:

    • In the eForm Editor, create a new item and set the type to "menu"

    • Open the "Menu Choices" tab and set up your menu options per the table below:

        Menu Option Value Custom Note / Choice Label Corresponding EMR Field
        NO_PREFERENCE No preference n/a
      1 EMAIL Email Email
      2 HOME Home Phone Home phone
      3 BUSINESS Business Phone Business phone
      4 OTHER Mobile Phone Mobile
    • Your complete menu options should match the example on the right.

    • Open the "Note Formatting" tab and ensure the following fields are set correctly:

      Prepopulate this item with:
      Populate answer for EMR Field:
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