Register Your Tablet(s) Through the Patient Tablet App

Registering your tablet will link it to your own Ocean site.

To complete this step, you will need your Ocean username, Ocean password, and Ocean site shared encryption key.

Open the Patient Tablet app on your tablet. You will be presented with the following 2 registration screens.

  • Registration settings

    • Ocean Site Number
      This is your site number in Ocean to uniquely identify your clinic. You can see it by logging into the Ocean Portal, clicking the "Menu" button in the top left corner and selecting "Admin". Navigate to "Site Account" in the left side bar.
      Tablet Name
      This is a name that will help you identify your tablet in the Ocean application, e.g. “Waiting Room Tablet 1″.
      This is your Ocean username, which is only used during the setup process to register and authenticate the tablet with Ocean.
      This is your Ocean password. This password is NOT the same as your shared encryption key; it is the password used to log into the Ocean Portal with your username above.
      Ocean Host URL
      Leave this as the default value (“”).
  • Encryption settings

    • Shared Encryption Key
      This must match the shared encryption key that you entered into the Admin view of your Ocean portal. It is used to encrypt patient data between the tablet and the EMR. This is not your Ocean password.

Note: It might be difficult to remember all of these values, so we recommend you download, print, and complete this Clinic Reference Card. Keep it in a safe location for future reference.

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