Configure Your Tablet(s) for Use in a Clinic Setting

Configuring these basic tablet settings will make your tablets more accessible for your patients, including lock screen, display, and keyboard settings.

Open the Settings app on the tablet by finding the app on the tablet's home screen or by swiping down from the tablet screen and clicking on the cog icon. In the Settings app, adjust the settings outlined below.

  • Lock screen and security

    • Select “Lock screen and security”.
    • Set the “Screen lock type” to “None” to make it easier for patients to use.
    • In the same section, turn on “Unknown sources” to enable download of the Ocean Tablet app.
  • Display

    • Enter the “Display” section.
    • Adjust the screen timeout to a longer period of time. We recommend at least a 5-minute timeout to prevent accidental screen shut-offs during patient use. (This timeout must naturally be balanced against your tablet’s battery life).
  • General management

    • Enter the "General management" and select "Language and input".
    • Under "Keyboards", select "On-screen keyboard" and then "Samsung keyboard".
    • Select "Smart Typing" and toggle "Predictive text" OFF (i.e. to the left).
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