Can I include handout files for patients on my listing in the Ocean Healthmap?

  • Yes, you can include patient handout files for each of the Health Service Offerings shown on your Directory Listing in the Ocean Healthmap.
  • The handouts are made available for download when the Health Service Offering is selected on the listing.
  • Additionally, when a patient is referred under a specific Health Service Offering, the email notification they receive (if applicable) will include the handout files.

How do I add handout files?

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal, open the 'Menu' and select 'Admin'. From the Admin Settings page, select 'Directory Listings'.
  • Within the appropriate Directory Listing, locate the 'Service Details' section and select the appropriate service offering.
  • Locate the 'Patient Handout' file uploader, and press 'Choose File'. Select the appropriate handout file from your computer.

    Note: You can add multiple handout files by uploading them one at a time.

  • Once the file(s) have been added, press 'OK'. The handout file(s) can now be found in your listing in the Ocean Healthmap, and will be included in the patient's email notification if they are referred for that health service.

Note: Since handout files are added to each individual Health Service Offering, you can attach different handout files for each of your offerings. Alternatively, you can add the same handout file(s) to all of your offerings.

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