Does Ocean work with Avaros EMR?

Avaros EMR has implemented APIs that have been made freely available to the OSCAR open source community, providing connectivity to the Ocean Platform. With this integration, Avaros users can take advantage of Ocean’s Provider Network Tools (eReferrals and eConsults) as well as Ocean’s Patient Engagement Tools.

It is important to note that Avaros is not currently a reseller partner or an officially supported EMR. As a result, Ocean Practice Consultants are not equipped to provide onboarding support for Avaros EMR configuration.

Avaros EMR users are welcome to take advantage of our extensive knowledge base which offers comprehensive support guides for all of our products. We recommend that Avaros users refer to the OSCAR Pro-specific resources for the closest user experience.

If you are an Avaros EMR user and you require additional assistance, please contact the Avaros support team.

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