How can I display Ocean Patient Reference Numbers in my appointment scheduler?

For all supported EMR integrations, Ocean has the ability to display the Ocean Patient Reference Number in the scheduler for patients that have eForms available to be completed. This gives clinics the flexibility to conveniently track patients that have to fill forms for their appointment and to unlock staff-initiated tablets upon the patient's arrival.

Prerequisite: Your site must be integrated with Ocean Cloud Connect.

    • To enable this feature, sign into the Ocean Portal > Admin > Site Features.
    • Click the checkbox for "Show Ocean Reference # in your EMR schedule when Forms are manually queued" to enable.
    • Save your changes.

Note: The Patient Reference Numbers will not appear for existing patients with pending eForms in their queue. To have their Patient Reference Number display in the scheduler, you must manually add an eForm to the patient's queue after enabling this feature.

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