Can I send eReferrals from the Ocean Portal with pre-populated patient demographics?

  • For non-integrated Ocean sites, users can go directly to the Ocean Healthmap to send eReferrals. As the patient demographic information is not pulled in from an integrated-EMR, referring providers will need to manually complete this portion of the referral at the time of sending.
  • If these sites would like to have their patient information pre-populated, they can bulk upload a set of patients in to their Ocean site under the Patients View.
  • See the following support article for the various importer types and their sample templates that can be uploaded into Ocean. The General Importer is the sample containing all of the patient demographic fields on a referral form. Use this sample file to generate a list of your patients you would like to upload into your Ocean site.
  • Once your patient list is generated, go to the Action menu in the bottom left of Patients page and select "Upload Patients from File".
  • Select the file containing your list of patients, choose the General Importer from the dropdown, and provide a Cohort Id (a name to identify the patient set being uploaded).
  • Select "Upload". You will receive a confirmation prompt when the patients have been successfully uploaded into your Ocean site.
  • From there, referring providers can select the patient they would like to send a referral for, and then choose "Find Health Service". This will launch the provider into the Healthmap, pulling in the patient demographic information and prepopulating it on the referral form.


Note: Uploaded patients will be maintained in Ocean for 14 days before they are purged automatically from the site.

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