Choose a File Format for Downloaded Referral Records and Referral Notes*

Allows Referral Recipient sites, who use a non-integrated system with Ocean, to change the file format of downloaded referrals to an option that is compatible with their system.

This is an an optional part of setting up eReferrals. You must be an Admin user at your Ocean site to configure these settings.

If you are a receiving site that accepts eReferrals and imports them into a non-integrated system, you may want change the file format of the downloaded referral to one that is compatible with your system. Ocean currently supports two file options to choose from: PDF or TIFF

  • Open the Menu and select the Admin option.
  • Choose the Site Features option on the left and scroll down to the setting called Download Referral Records and Referral Notes as:
  • Select the dropdown and choose between the default PDF files option or the TIFF files format.
  • Save changes.
  • Selecting the Download option in the Import window (which appears after the eReferral is accepted), will now trigger the file to download in the format specified.
  • The Action Menu items for Download Referral Record and Download Referral Note will also download the referral files in the format specified in the Site Features.
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