Restrict the types of appointments that can be booked into a certain time slot


  • PSS Users: Please ensure your schedule is configured to allow multiple bookings. You can find this setting in the Change Provider window of the scheduler (ensure "Single Bookings Only" is unchecked).

Providers may want to limit appointments booked online to a particular time slot during the week.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro

1. Create an appointment type in your EMR with "online booking" or "/ob" in the title.

    1. First, you'll need to create an appointment type in your EMR with "online booking" or "/ob" in the title. You'll use this EMR appointment type to assigning time slots in your schedule that you would like to make available for appointments booked online only. For where to find appointment types in your EMR, please refer to Where to find EMR Appointment Types in our guide to EMR Appointment Type Mapping

2. Assign a time slot in your EMR to your newly created "online booking" or "/ob" EMR appointment type.

    1. In your scheduler, open the time slots you would like to restrict for appointments booked online by assigning them your newly created "online booking" or "/ob" EMR appointment type. Ensure the time slot you are assigning doesn't overlap with other assigned time slots or unavailable times (purple x in PSS, or non working hours in Med Access). You can apply a reoccurrence to create a pattern (e.g. if you'd like to set this restriction every week).
    2. In the Book Appointment window, select the appointment type from the drop down menu. You can change the duration and even set a Repeat pattern, if desired.

If you have created new "online booking or "/ob" appointment types in your EMR and assigned time slots to these new appointment types, login to Ocean Cloud Connect and conduct a full schedule sync. Click the arrow next to Sync Recent Appointments and select Sync Full Schedule.

3. Map these appointments in Ocean.

Note: You must be an administrative user on your Ocean site to configure online booking.

          1. Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the Menu button at the top of the Ocean Portal and select Online Booking. Click the Settings button in the top right corner.
          2. Configure your Appointment Types and ensure you have enabled EMR Appointment Type mapping. Ensure you are not mapping to the newly create "online booking" or "/ob" EMR appointment type you just created.
          3. Edit the Provider Schedule you would like to apply the appointment restriction. Once you've added the appointment type(s) to the provider schedule, click the Edit Restrictions button. Check off "Only book [appointment type] in [EMR appointment type] EMR time slots" and select the "online booking" or "/ob" EMR appointment type from the dropdown list. Click Save.
          4. If you want to apply this restriction for all of your providers, you must repeat this step for all providers' schedules.

Warning: Differences in EMR Appointment Types

The EMR appointment type that you configured in step 1 should be different from the appointment type you are configuring to this restriction.

Mapping your online booking appointment type(s) to EMR appointment type(s) will allow Ocean to book the appointment in your EMR schedule and assign it the defined EMR appointment type. 

The EMR appointment type being assigned in the appointment type restriction of the provider schedule tells Ocean to search for time slots that have been assigned this EMR appointment type. Ocean will only book these appointment types in those time slots. 

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