What situations cause note downloads to fail?

After patients complete their Ocean session, be it via tablet or secure online message, the resulting notes sync into Ocean before being downloaded into your EMR.

In rare instances, circumstances may arise where Ocean is unable to transfer the patient’s notes to the EMR.

Below are some common issues that can inhibit download notes and how to address them:

Connectivity issues on the clinic’s network

If network connectivity issues cause the internet to drop out, run slowly, otherwise not operate consistently, this can temporarily inhibit the EMR from downloading information until the connection has stabilized. This is especially true for EMR instances that are locally hosted, as information is stored on the clinic's network.

Please consult with IT staff or network administrators at the clinic to ensure there are no problems with network stability and the local EMR instance.

Ocean Cloud Connect has become de-authorized

If Cloud Connect becomes de-authorized, Ocean no longer has a connection to your EMR and is unable to send information to the applicable chart. If this has occurred, Ocean will send an automated system message to site administrators alerting them to this problem.

Resolving this issue requires staff to follow the steps in the Re-authenticate Cloud Connect guide.

Patient charts are marked as “Private” or “Masked”

If a chart has been marked as “Private” (PS Suite) or “Masked” (Accuro), access to the patient is effectively locked and Ocean is unable to download notes into the chart.

To correct this, staff will need to set patient’s charts to be public/un-masked to allow for access for the API user that has been configured in the EMR. (Please consult with your EMR vendor for the correct settings and configuration of chart status.)

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