OceanConnect Tablet App End-of-Support Notice

CognisantMD will formally end support for the OceanConnect Tablet app on December 31st 2018, so please ensure you have migrated to Cloud Connect by then to ensure no disruption to your Ocean/EMR integration.

We are thrilled with the uptake of the new Cloud Connect integration platform for QHR Accuro, TELUS PS Suite and TELUS Med Access since it was made generally available in the summer of this year.  This new cloud-based platform replaces the tablet-based OceanConnect app and provides a faster, more reliable integration for your EMR.

We've now successfully migrated over 125 clinics and will be transitioning any remaining OceanConnect users over the coming weeks. Migrating is quick and easy, and our support team is here to assist with any questions or issues.

If you haven't heard of Cloud Connect, read the introduction announcement here: https://support.cognisantmd.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007319892

To migrate to the new Cloud Connect platform, go here and follow the simple steps: https://support.cognisantmd.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006687612

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

For Accuro Users:

Please note that Cloud Connect does not support Accuro API v1, more formally known as the "appointment API". Accuro clients running against this older version of the Accuro API (the version without demographic updates and rich text notes) will need to contact Accuro customer support to enable v2 of the API for their Accuro instance. This can take up to two weeks, so we recommend starting this process as soon as possible.


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