Link User EMR Accounts to Ocean User Accounts

Note for Ontario Users: In Ontario, Ocean eConsults are currently in a limited release. For more information on eConsult in Ontario as part of the Ontario eServices Program, please review the Overview of eConsults in Ontario article.

Each person who will be sending Ocean eConsults and/or Ocean eReferrals will need to link their EMR and Ocean user accounts.

This is especially important for auditing and tracking purposes.

Each sender must link their EMR user account to their Ocean user account by following the steps below.

This will allow individual users to send Ocean eConsults and/or Ocean eReferrals as well as enable alerts and track activity.

  1. Launch into the Ocean Healthmap.

PS Suite Accuro OSCAR
  • Select "Find Health Service" on the Ocean custom form or "Refer" on the Ocean toolbar.
  1. Log in to Ocean to link your EMR and Ocean accounts.

    • Initiating a consult and/or referral will open the Ocean Healthmap in an internet browser.
    • At the top of the Ocean health map, you will see a banner that says: "Hello [your EMR username]. Click here to link to your Ocean account.".
    • Click this banner (or the "Sign In" button" above it) to sign in to Ocean with your Ocean username and password.
    • Your EMR username will now be linked to your Ocean user account (an accompanying unlimited Ocean online user license, if applicable).
  2. Confirm that your EMR and Ocean accounts have been successfully linked.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and click on your name in the top right corner, and choose the My Account button in the Account Menu here.
    • Verify that your the "EMR Username" field is populated with the exact same name as your EMR username.
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