Set a Delegate User for Your Ocean Account*

If you work with an MOA, receptionist, nurse, resident or student who will be sending eReferrals on your behalf, you will want to invite them to create an Ocean user account and set them as your clinical delegate.

This step is an optional part of setting up an Ocean eReferral sender who will be sending online messages or eReferrals on your behalf.


In order to add a delegate user to your Ocean account, your clinician type in your View My Account page must be set to either:

  • Allied Health Professional,
  • Family Physician,
  • Physician Assistant, 
  • Medical Student,
  • Nurse Practitioner,
  • Resident,
  • Specialist, or
  • Other.
  • Email notifications for eReferrals sent out by a delegate user will be sent to the "Referral Notification Email" or "Clinical Delegate Email" of the user they are set as a delegate under (this is defined in the main referring provider's View My Account page).
  1. Invite your delegate(s) to create an account on your Ocean site.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab.
    • Enter the Users section (selected from the menu along the left).
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Invite Colleague..." button (on the right hand side of the page).
    • Enter your colleague's email address and select "OK".
    • Your colleague will receive an email prompting them to create an Ocean user account.
    • Once your colleague has created an Ocean account, they will be automatically added to your site.
  2. Add your delegate(s) as a delegate user on your account.

    • Log into the Ocean Portal.
    • Click your name in the top right hand corner and select "View My Account" from the menu of dropdown options.
    • Select "Add Delegate" and select the username(s) of the user that you want to add as your clinical delegate(s). You can add any number of delegates to be associated with your Ocean user account.
    • You can select one of your delegates to be your primary delegate. Only this primary delegate will be covered under your own Ocean Online subscription (if applicable).

Note: The primary delegate MUST be either an MOA, receptionist, nurse, resident or student.

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