Translating an eForm into Another Language(s)

Learn how to translate your form into different languages.

  • Before you translate a form, double-check to make sure it hasn't already been translated by another site. To do this, enter the eForms view in the Ocean portal, select "More", click "View Shared Forms", and search the list for the form.

You are able to add translations for your eForm items by following the steps below. If you add new items to your eForm after performing the initial translation, you will need to repeat the steps below to translate the newly added items.

  1. Specify your desired language

    • Open your form in the eForm editor.
    • From the Action menu at the top right, select "Internationalize".
  2. Provide string translations

    • Return to the Action menu, and select "String Translations...".
    • The 'String Translations' window provides one line per eForm item for translation under the 'Text' column, with the default placeholder translation as "FR: {original English string}".
    • Replace the entire placeholder string (including the "FR:" portion) with the proper language translation.

      Note: Ocean does not perform automatic language translation. You must provide the equivalent translated language to enter into the 'Text' field for each item in your eForm.

    • Once you have replaced all of the placeholder strings with your translated language, press "OK", and then press 'Save Changes' in the eForm editor to save your work.
  3. Test your translations

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