My notes aren't appearing in my patient's chart. What do I do?

In the rare circumstance where a patient's notes haven't automatically downloaded into the patient's chart, you can follow the steps outlined below to manually restore and re-download this patient's note(s).

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. If you aren't already in the Patients view, click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Patients". Find the patient who's notes have not automatically downloaded into their chart in your EMR.
  • Click on the patient and select "Reset Downloaded Status for Notes", from the "Advanced" menu.
  • Go back to the patient's chart in your EMR. The note should automatically download correctly into the patient's chart. If you the patient has filled out some other forms recently, there may be some duplicates notes that get downloaded.

Note: If you are a PS Suite user, you may see a "Download" button appear on your Ocean toolbar and/or Ocean custom form. You may click this button to initiate the note to download immediately.

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