How do I notify patients that my study has ended when they try to submit a response?

If your study has ended, you will want to prevent patients from submitting any more survey responses. You can do this by either deleting your study (after exporting all your results) or by editing your study eForm to notify patients that the study has ended.

Delete Your Study

You can learn how to delete your study in "Deleting Studies Upon Completion".

The downside of this method is that if a patient attempts to fill out the study form, they will receive an error message telling them that the study is unavailable, which may mislead patients into thinking the system is not working. To mitigate this confusion, you can instead try editing your study eForm, as described below.

Edit Your eForm

Once your study has ended, you can edit your study eForm to notify your patients that the study has ended by adding a label item with your notification and hiding the rest of your survey questions.

  • Open your study eForm in the eForm Editor.
  • Add a new item and change the item type to "Label".
  • Type out your notification message that you'd like your patient to see (e.g. "Thanks for your participation. The study has now ended.").

This is an example of a form that has been edited to show the "study has ended" notification at the beginning and hiding the rest of the patient experience survey questions: Study Has Ended Notification Form.

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