I changed one of my study forms and now I am getting emails telling me to export my data. Why is this happening and how do I make this message go away?

If you have made changes to your study form, you will receive an email notification with the following message:

You are receiving this email because there are Ocean Study EForm(s) that have been edited and have yet to be exported. Please export the following studies to verify that the data has been properly processed.

This message is a prompt for you to export your study data after you have made changes to its study form, to check to make sure that the data is being collected as you anticipated.

To prevent this message from appearing again, export your data from the applicable study.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Studies view.
  • Locate your study and select "Export". Exporting won't affect the data at all - it will still be there to export later. You can export your study data at any time, as many times as you wish.
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