Minor Update to Ocean's v0.11.1 DocumentReference Resource

A minor update to the Ocean HL7 FHIR V0.11.1 payloads is scheduled for March 21st, 2024: 


In the DocumentReference resource, Ocean currently specifies the referral identifier with the prefix "referral-" and the attachment identifier with the prefix "attachment-".   These prefixes will be removed so that the identifier will simply be a UUID in order to align with the V0.11.1 DocumentReference profile.  Examples of the current and future formats are provided below:

Current Format: { "reference": "urn:uuid:referral-1c5d5318-f8c7-4714-8d2c-95081fdaa2c9" }

Future Format: { "reference": "urn:uuid:0fa5b45e-5d6d-445f-85e9-ffe76f41b8b6" }


Integrators using the v0.11.1 APIs are encouraged to review their implementations to confirm compatibility with this change.   They will be able to test compatibility with this change in the Ocean staging environment (staging.cognisantmd.com) between between March 19, 12:00 AM EST - March 21st 12:00 PM EST.


NOTE: This change is not relevant to implementations using the v0.10.0 APIs and no action is required.


Please contact Ocean Support team with any questions.   


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