My tablet was deregistered due to a "Tablet Tamper Warning". Why did this happen and what should I do now?

The Ocean Tablet has a security feature to detect new app installations and unauthorized upgrades. This feature is designed to protect against a number of things:

  • Patients (or their children) installing games without your permission
  • People installing nefarious software such as keyboard trackers to compromise PHI
  • Patients upgrading software without clinic consent
  • Removal of apps that have been deliberately installed by IT people (e.g. asset tracking apps, geolocation lockdown apps, etc.)

If the Ocean Tablet detects any changes to the installed app list, it considers itself compromised. It deletes its authentication token and the encryption key as a security precaution since it can't tell whether a change was innocuous.

Before reactivating the tablet, you should first review the app changes and make sure that they are benign. You might need to do some Googling to understand the "package names" that were installed or uninstalled. If you aren't sure, you should reset your tablet to factory conditions and reinstall the Ocean app.

If the changes are benign, you can simply re-enter your Ocean user password and encryption key to re-register the app.  

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