What is a Support Site?

What is a Support Site?

A Support Site is a special type of Ocean Site configured by OceanMD, to provide users of this site with administrative privileges for sites they are supporting, without being an actual user on those sites.

This type of configuration allows Support Site users to have the same abilities as a regular Site Admin on the Ocean Sites they are supporting, with the exception of the following:

  • To protect the privacy of patient PHI, Support Site users do not require and should not have access to a clinic’s Shared Encryption Key and thus all personal health information will appear as encrypted.
  • Support Site users do not have access to Cloud Connect to ensure EMR access credentials are protected.

Note: All Support Site users must be a Site Admin on the Support Site to be able to view and access the Ocean Sites that are being supported.

Why would a Support Site be added to another Ocean Site?

  • For troubleshooting purposes
  • To assist with initial Ocean Site/product set-up and configurations
  • To manage eForms
  • Allocation of credits

Note: Support Sites should be added on an as-needed basis and removed once the required activity has been completed/resolved.

For steps on how to add a Support Site to another Ocean Site, please refer to Adding a Support Site to your Site.

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