How does Ocean integrate with Health Report Manager (HRM®)?

Ontario Pilot Phase

Please note that the Ocean-HRM integration is curently in a closed pilot phase and not yet widely available.

What is HRM®?

Health Report Manager (HRM®) is a digital health solution developed by OntarioMD that enables clinicians using an OntarioMD-certified EMR to securely receive reports electronically from participating hospitals and independent health facilities. This transfer of information typically occurs near the end of the referral lifecycle when a specialist is sending a consultation report/letter back to the referring clinician.

Clinicians in Ontario using the Ocean Provider Network can send and receive consultation reports for eReferrals using HRM's integration with Ocean and their OntarioMD-certified EMR.

Ocean-HRM Message Sender Configuration

Sender Approval

To send messages and documents in Ocean via HRM, clinicians must obtain a 'UPI' identifier from the OntarioMD service desk by calling 1-866-744-8668 or emailing

Once the 'UPI' identifier has been obtained, clinicians must send it to the OceanMD Support team for backend configuration in Ocean. You will be notified when your Ocean site has been approved to send HRM reports.

Sender Configuration

  • Clinicians who are sending HRM messages must ensure they have entered their 'Professional ID' within their Ocean user account settings under the 'Clinical Contact Information' section.
  • Clinicians who are sending HRM messages should also enable the 'Authentication - Requesting providers must sign in' setting in their own Directory Listing settings. This ensures that all referrers are signed in to an Ocean user account while sending the eReferral, allowing for HRM messaging as described below when possible.

Ocean-HRM Message Receiver Configuration

Receiver Approval

To receive messages and documents via HRM, clinicians must first be approved by OntarioMD. OntarioMD periodically provides a list of approved receiving clinicians to OceanMD to update in the Ocean platform.

This list is used by Ocean to determine whether a clinician should receive a message via HRM in addition to the existing eReferral message and email notification mechanisms in Ocean.

If you are interested in becoming an approved HRM receiver, contact the OntarioMD service desk by calling 1-866-744-8668 or emailing

Receiver Configuration

  • Once approved in the Ocean backend, referring clinicians must update the 'Clinician Information' setting in their Directory Listing settings with their First Name, Surname, and Professional ID at a minimum.
  • Clinicians that have been properly approved by both OntarioMD and OceanMD will see an approval message stating 'This clinician uses HRM' in the Clinician Information window.

Sending Messages via HRM

Once you have fulfilled the 'Ocean-HRM Message Sender Configuration' requirements outlined above, you are able to send HRM messages within an Ocean eReferral.


HRM messages can only be sent within an eReferral if:

  • The original referrer was signed in to an Ocean user account when sending the eReferral.
  • There is at least one referral stakeholder that is live on HRM.
    • 'Stakeholders' include the original referrer and any other referral targets that previously 'owned' the eReferral.
    • Stakeholders are only considered to be 'live' if they meet the 'Ocean-HRM Message Receiver Configuration' requirements outlined above.
  • Locate and open the relevant eReferral in Ocean.
  • Using the 'Messaging' area, include your consultation report/letter as an attachment and optionally enter a message in the text field, and then press 'Send'.
  • After your message has been sent, you will see a checkmark icon to the right of the sent message confirming that the message has been sent via HRM in addition to the standard eReferral message and email notification mechanisms in Ocean.

    Note: If the HRM message failed to send, you will see a red exclamation (!) icon instead of a checkmark.

  • Clicking on the icon provides more detailed information regarding the HRM status, along with the ability to re-send the HRM message if necessary.

Receiving Messages via HRM

If you have completed the 'Ocean-HRM Message Receiver Configuration' requirements outlined above and an HRM message is sent to you via an Ocean eReferral, you will be notified via the standard messaging and email notification mechanisms in Ocean.

You will additionally receive the HRM message in your OntarioMD-certified EMR. The core content for all HRM messages is standard across all OntarioMD-certified EMRs, containing: report category (LOINC), report body, author, date, etc.

Note: Due to HRM constraints, a single HRM message containing both a typed message and a file attachment will appear in your EMR as two separate HRM messages - one containing the typed message, and a second one containing the file attachment.

An example is shown using the PS Suite EMR below, for reference:

Example of a typed HRM message
Example of a file attachment include in HRM message.

Troubleshooting & Support

For all troubleshooting inquiries please contact the OceanMD Support team.

Some helpful troubleshooting tips are provided below:

  • If you attempt to send an HRM message and no status icon appears to the right of the message within the eReferral, this means Ocean made no attempt to send the message via HRM. Verify that at least one referral stakeholder is live on HRM, and registered as an HRM receiver in Ocean using the verification process outlined above.
  • If you attempt to send an HRM message and the red failure icon appears, click on the icon for additional details.
    • If available, take note of the 'Transaction ID' value and the corresponding error message and send them to the contact the OceanMD Support team
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