What is the difference between a Health Service Category and a Health Service Offering?


The terms "Health Service Categories" and "Health Service Offerings" are often used interchangeably, however it is important to truly understand the difference in their meanings.

What are Health Service Categories?

Health Service Categories are a defined list of terms that are used in the Ocean Healthmap to support simpler searching, filtering, and Directory Listing creation. This defined taxonomy is used to help categorize the Health Service Offerings on a Directory Listing in the Ocean Healthmap.

A complete list of the defined Health Service Categories is available here.

What is a Health Service Offering?

A Health Service Offering is a customizable, searchable description of a service that is listed on the Directory Listing in the Ocean Healthmap. Health Service Offerings are mapped to the most appropriate Health Service Category.

In many cases, a Directory Listing may simply use a defined Health Service Category as their Health Service Offering, however, the option for full customization is possible using Health Service Offerings.

Why do they both exist?

The Ocean Healthmap is a comprehensive, map-based directory that makes it easy to search and access health care services. This is made possible through the use of a defined list of possible health care services - namely Health Service Categories. The defined list of Health Service Categories allows for discrete categorization of services offered by all health care providers on the Ocean Healthmap. This ensures that when a specific health care service is being searched for, the applicable providers of that service are properly accounted for in the search results.

However, it is important to acknowledge that a single defined list of possible health care services will not always capture the nuances of the service(s) being provided. This is addressed through the use of Health Service Offerings. The Health Service Offerings presented on a Directory Listing in the Ocean Healthmap can be customized to reflect greater accuracy of the specific name or nuance of the health care services being offered.

For example, a clinic offering dermatological services could add the specific 'Dermatology' Health Service Category as a Health Service Offering on their Directory Listing, but only offer a subset of specific services or programs. To communicate this nuance to potential referrers browsing the Ocean Healthmap, they can customize the name of the offering for accuracy - such as renaming it to 'Pigmented Lesion / Mole Clinic' if they only offer these specific dermatological services.

Referrers who are browsing the 'Dermatology' category on the Ocean Healthmap would see the clinic's Directory Listing with the 'Pigmented Lesion / Mole Clinic' Health Service Offering, since it is truly the 'Dermatology' Health Service Category with a customized Health Service Offering name.

What if I can't find the exact Health Service Category for my Directory Listing?

If you are unable to locate a Health Service Category in Ocean that exactly matches the services you offer, we recommend adding the most similar Health Service Category as a Health Service Offering on your Directory Listing. You can then customize the name of the offering to more accurately reflect the specific services you offer.

How do I customize the name?

You can customize the name of your Health Service Offering by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to your Directory Listing settings, and locate the 'Service Details' section.
  • In the 'Offers' field, search for and select the most applicable Health Service Category to add it as a Health Service Offering on your Directory Listing.
  • After adding your Health Service Offering, click on it to open it's customization options.
  • Specify your customize name in the 'Program Name' field, and press 'OK'.
  • Your customized Health Service Offering name will appear in the 'Offers' section, with the true Health Service Category shown in parentheses.
  • Press 'Save Changes' in the bottom right corner to save your Directory Listing.

Can I request additional Health Services Categories?

No, you cannot request that additional Health Service Categories be added as they are a standardized and defined list in Ocean. Under certain circumstances, additional synonyms for Health Service Categories may be added to enhance the searching and filtering capabilities within the Ocean Healthmap.

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