Set Up Your Ocean Products

Depending on which Ocean products you are using, additional configuration may be required.

Patient Tablets

If you are using Tablets with your patients, you will need a wifi-connected Android tablet to get started. It generally takes 10-20 minutes to get setup with a tablet.

Set Up Patient Tablets

If you are purchasing multiple tablets and you would prefer to have an IT consultant help you get set up, let us know and we’ll connect you with one of our recommended vendors.

Check-In Kiosks

With the Check-In Kiosk, patients can now swipe their health card at a kiosk stand in order to check in, review and update their demographics, complete forms and even change their status to “arrived” in your EMR.

To get started using the Check-In Kiosk, you will need to order your kiosk hardware and purchase a supported tablet.

Set Up Check-In Kiosks

Patient Messages

Patient Messages provides a secure way to send patients messages, attachments, and forms to complete from home.

To get started using Patient Messages, you will need your own Ocean account (i.e. your own login credentials).

Set Up Patient Messages

Online Booking

Online Booking provides an easy way for your patients to book appointments directly into your schedule from the comfort of their own home.

To get started using Online Booking, make sure you meet the prerequisites.

Set Up Online Booking

Website Forms

Website Forms provide a secure way for patients to send an inquiry or complete an online form from your clinic's website.

To get started with Website Forms, you will need to first create an Ocean eForm that you would like to be publicly available for your patients.

Create a Website Form Link

Ocean Studies

With user-friendly tablets and EMR integration, Ocean Studies seamlessly integrate with clinic workflow, making it easy for both front-desk staff and patients to use. Ocean Studies is the first survey and research platform with strict data privacy standards, designed for patients at the point of care. Now you can automate recruitment, consent, data collection and follow-up without risking patient privacy.

To get started using Ocean Studies, you will need an Patient Tablets and/or a Patient Messages subscription.

Create a Study

Ocean eReferrals

The Ocean eReferral Network makes it easy to find a specialist, send and receive secure patient referrals electronically, and track your referral status, all from a single platform.

Search for referral targets on the Ocean eReferral Network directory.

Visit our Ocean eReferral Network website to learn more about Ocean eReferrals.

Guide to Sending eReferrals

Guide to Receiving eReferrals

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