PS Suite: Configure the Ocean Custom Form

To link your Ocean custom form with your Ocean site number, you will need to configure the Settings on your Ocean custom form.

To complete this step, you will need to be an admin on your Ocean site, and you will need your Ocean username, password, and site shared encryption key.

Configuring your Ocean form will connect Ocean and your EMR.

Watch Video Tutorial Below

  1. Open the Ocean Settings menu from the Ocean custom form.

    • Open a patient chart (preferably a "dummy" or test chart, or an empty chart).
    • Insert the Ocean custom form into the chart by clicking the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar.
    • You will be prompted to create an Ocean user account (if you don’t already have one) or to sign in with your existing Ocean user account.
    • Click on the “Settings” button on the custom form.
    • Enter your Ocean username and password to authenticate yourself. The Ocean Settings dialog box will appear.
  2. Enter your Ocean account and site information.

    • Click “Ocean Site Number” to enter the site number provided to you by the Ocean administrator (accessible via the Admin view on your Ocean Portal).
    • Click “Settings” on your Ocean custom form again and select “Shared Encryption Key” to enter your shared encryption key password. If you haven’t already set this in the Ocean Portal, you will be prompted to do so first. This key will be stored secretly within your EMR, thereby preventing anyone else (including CognisantMD) from accessing any patient data.
    • The other settings may be left as-is.
    • Click the “Remove” button on the Ocean custom form to delete the custom form from the chart.

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