PS Suite: Create a Reminder Trigger for the Ocean Toolbar

To set your Ocean Toolbar to be visible and available to use for all your patients, you'll want to create a reminder for the Ocean Toolbar custom form.

  1. Open the Edit Reminders window in PS Suite.

    • Open the EMR (Records) window within PS Suite.
    • From the "Settings" menu, choose "Edit Reminders".
  2. Add a new reminder.

    • From the Edit Reminders window, select "Edit" and then "Add Reminder".
    • Give the reminder a descriptive name, such as "Ocean Toolbar".
    • Click "Add Line" to add criteria to the reminder.
    • From there, choose some criteria to specify when you would like the toolbar to show. If you simply want the toolbar to show for all users and for all patients, you can enter some criteria that is true for all patients, such as the patient’s age being less than 200. Alternatively, you can add additional criteria to make it show only for certain users or certain patient populations.
    • Click the “Show Custom Form or Stamp” radio button, then choose your toolbar custom form to show for this reminder from the dropdown menu.
    • Click "Done" to save the reminder and close the dialog box.
    • Open a patient chart to confirm that the toolbar is displayed under the CPP.


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