Create & Configure Your Website Forms

You can create and configure the link settings for your Website Forms from the Website Form Links section of the Admin view in the Ocean Portal.

These settings include the name of your Website Forms, type, URL, linked eForms, etc.

  1. Create a new Website Forms configuration.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin".
    • Enter the "Website Form Links" section (from the Admin Settings page).
    • Click the "New Website Form Link Configuration" button (at the bottom righthand corner of the screen).
    • blobid0.png
  2. Configure your Website form settings.

    • Name
      The name of your Website form (for your tracking purposes).
      Directory Listing
      Your listing that you listed and/or claimed in Step 1 (a.k.a. your clinic/site name).
      Website Forms Type
      Here, you can choose whether your website form will be used for eReferrals, Website Forms or as an Authenticated Form. 
      Redirect URL
      This will take the form completer to a specific URL once they're finished completing the Website form. You can set this to your own clinic website to redirect them back to your own site.
      Subsite Reference
      This will only apply if you have Website form fees covered by different payers. More information about subsites can be found in "Creating Separate Bills for Different Ocean Services".
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    • Requisition eForm
      Here, you can pick the form that you want to appear on your Website form. Pick a favourite group if you want multiple forms to appear in sequence.
      Send a notification email when accepting this submission
      This will allow you to send patients a notification by email when the request has been successfully received.
      Note: Forms must be configured to collect and populate email information in order for this feature to work.
      Once the “Active” button is enabled, you will begin getting billed for Website Forms. If you are not ready to activate the form yet, simply disable this option.
    • Click "Create" to finish creating your Website Forms.
  3. Activate your Website Forms.

    • Once you've finished creating and configuring your Website Forms, you can change the "Active" status at any time. In this section, you can also always access your existing links, configure your settings, or create new Website Forms at any time.
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