View & Manage Your Website Form Submissions

Once your Website Forms are active, you can start collecting submissions from patients, which you can manage from within the Website Forms view of the Ocean Portal.

  1. Enable email notifications for website form submissions

    • Ocean can be configured to send email notifications to your Referral Notification Email. If you would like to receive email notifications for website form submissions, login to the Ocean Portal and click the Menu button. Select Admin and select Site Account in the left side bar. Enter the email address that you would like to receive notifications for your website form submission in the Referral Notification Email field.
    • Click the Site Features tab on the left side bar. Check the box for "Patient eReferral Email Notifications".
  2. View your submissions

    • Submissions can be viewed in the Website Forms view in the Ocean Portal.
    • You can view them in the "New" inbox and triage them accordingly (see screenshot below).
    • To learn more about the different inboxes, please refer to this article.
  3. Import submissions into your EMR.

    • After you've accepted a submission, an "Import" window will appear.
PS Suite or OscarAccuroOther EMR
  • If you are an PS Suite or OSCAR user, if you have a patient chart with matching demographic data, you should have a quick link on the Ocean custom form in your EMR, which will allow you to import a patient's information using the reference number provided. If your eForms are also configured to collect patient demographic fields, these fields should get automatically updated in the patient's chart when you import their submission.

For more details on how to import Website form submissions into your EMR, please refer to this article.

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