How do I add Custom Analytic values to my eReferral/eConsult form?

Custom Analytic values can be added to your Ocean eReferral/eConsult form to capture data on eReferrals received at your Ocean site. While basic analytic information is always automatically collected under the set of Core Analytic values, you can optionally define additional analytic values for your specific purpose.

Identify your eReferral/eConsult Form

Prior to following the steps in this article, please ensure that you have identified the Ocean eForm that you are using as your referral/consult form for incoming eReferrals/eConsults at your Ocean site.

Adding Custom Analytic Values to your Referral/Consult Form

Each item in an Ocean eForm has a unique item reference. By configuring specific item references with the prefix of 'fx_' or 'ax_' for the different elements in your referral/consult form, you are able to create custom analytic reports containing the aggregate response data for the configured eForm items.

Note: Any 'ax_' item references must be chosen from the list of additional available analytics.

The steps below outline how to configure eForm items in your referral form to be used with custom analytic Export Templates in Ocean.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal, open the Menu, and select 'eForms'.
  • Locate the eForm that you are using as your referral/consult form. Select it and press 'Edit' to open it in the eForm editor.
  • Select the specific item in your eForm that you wish to collect analytic data on, and select the 'Scripting and More' tab on the right hand side.
  • In the 'Item reference' field, provide a descriptive name for this specific eForm item with the prefix of 'fx_' or 'ax_'.

    As a simple example, if the chosen eForm item is used to collect the patient's smoking status, an appropriate item reference could be 'fx_smokes'.

  • Continue adding the appropriate 'fx_' or 'ax_' item references for each of the items in the eForm which you would like to collect analytic data on.

    Ensure that you keep track of and note the intended usage for each of the item references that you are configuring in your eForm in an organized way, as they are important when configuring your custom Export Template later on. A spreadsheet or text file is recommended.

  • Once complete, ensure you press 'Save Changes' to save your eForm.

Once the custom analytic item reference mapping is completed in your referral form, you can proceed with creating a custom analytic Export Template. The Export Template is used to generate reports that contain the responses to the eForm items that are configured with the 'fx_' or 'ax_' prefixes.

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