Accessing eReferral Analytics

Ocean Sites receiving eReferrals can access their Referral Analytic Data at any time, from within the Admin Settings page of the Ocean Portal. Referral analytics can also be accessed through our Ocean API. For more details, please refer to the Ocean Open API.

Since referral analytics do not contain patient health information, they are maintained indefinitely within Ocean. This means that even though the Ocean eReferrals themselves are automatically purged from Ocean over time, their analytic data will always be accessible from within your Ocean Site.

Export Referral Analytic Data

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal, open the Menu, and select 'Admin.'

    Note: You must have Site Admin access on your Ocean Site to access referral analytic data.

  • Select 'Reports'.
  • Under the 'Export Referral Analytic Data' heading, specify a Date Type.
  • Optionally specify a date range.

    You can either download data within a specific date range, view all data since you started receiving referrals to a specific date (select just an end date), all data from a specific date onwards (select just a start date), or all data since you started receiving referrals (leave both dates blank).

  • Optionally select your desired Export Template (if configured).
  • Click 'Export Referrals'. This will export your referral analytic data in a CSV file.

    A data dictionary containing detailed information about each analytic value is available for download by clicking the button to the right.

  • Referral Analytics Data Dictionary

Export Referral Messages

  • The 'Export Referral Messages' button can be used to extract detailed analytic information about messages that exist within the 'Messaging' area of each eReferral/eConsult.

    Note: Export Templates are not applicable to this export.

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