How are eReferral Resubmissions taken into account in analytic data and wait time calculations?

  • If an eReferral is cancelled or declined, it can be resubmitted to the last recipient at any time using the 'Resubmit (Last Recipient)' option within the 'Action' menu.
  • Ocean accounts for referral resubmissions in both analytical data and wait time calculations.

When a cancelled or declined eReferral is resubmitted, both the original eReferral creation date and the latest eReferral sent date are recorded as analytics.

The date of the eReferral resubmission is recorded in the 'referralCreationDate' column of the analytics report, while the date of the original eReferral submission is maintained in the 'referralInitialCreationDate' column.

Ocean calculates wait times using the values in the 'referralCreationDate' and 'scheduledAppointment' columns, which ensures the accuracy of the wait time calculation using the latest iteration of the eReferral submission (i.e., not the date of the initial eReferral creation).

For additional information on wait time calculations, please see: How are wait times calculated and displayed in Ocean?

Resubmissions vs Redirections

Please note that the analytic implications for referral redirections are different than resubmissions.

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