Aug 17, 2021 COVID-19 eForm Update

As a small follow-up to the Aug 4, 2021 update, based on our client requests to mirror the Ontario provincial screening form:

  • A initial question has been added, "Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19? Fully vaccinated means it has been 14 days or more since your final dose of either a two-dose or a one-dose vaccine series.". This question will help guide the follow-up plan for positive screening and informs the clinic regarding patient vaccination status.
  • An error message is now included in the Email screening form, to warn clinicians to not use this form on tablets or kiosks. Instead, the kiosk screening form should be used. This distinction is important because the follow-up advice depends on the context of the form (e.g., the email screening form advises a patient to stay home until confirming their appointment, which isn't applicable when the patient is already present at the clinic)

The updated forms include:

If you have any concerns, please reach out to our support team to let us know.

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