Aug 4, 2021 COVID-19 eForm Update

This is a major update to CognisantMD's core screening forms for COVID-19. Most significantly, the new screening questionnaire de-emphasizes travel exposures and accounts for vaccination status. In accordance with recent guidelines, especially with the delta variant in mind, the questionnaire continues to consider symptoms and direct exposures to COVID-19 a positive screen, although it also accounts for specific exemptions when appropriate.

Most of the screening tools available online at the time of this posting have not been updated to account for vaccination status and these other considerations. However, Ontario has recently released a new version:

In the absence of other guidance, the CognisantMD questionnaire has been updated to reflect the questions included in this Ontario open-source tool. Fortunately, the questions in this new form are generally applicable in any province, not just Ontario.

The updated forms include:

If you have any concerns, please reach out to our support team to let us know.

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