How do I re-register a device?

  • Re-registering a device 

    • If you'd like to re-register your tablet, you can do so from the Ocean Tablet Administration Menu.
    • Open the Ocean Tablet app on your tablet.
    • Tap the Ocean logo (or cog) at the bottom left corner of the main screen.
    • Enter your Ocean username and password to access the Administration Menu.
    • Note: You will need to have admin access to your Ocean site to be able to access this Administration Menu on your tablet (to learn how to grant admin access to users, please refer to "Granting Users Administrative Access to Your Ocean Site").
    • From the Administration Menu, select "Deregister".
    • Complete all empty fields on the screen.
    • Reboot the Ocean Tablet app.
    • Note: After re-registering a tablet, it will automatically appear in the Default Settings group in the Tablets and Kiosks page of the Ocean Portal.
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