Email Delivery to Bell / Sympatico Being Blocked - March 11, 2021 [RESOLVED]

On March 10th at approximately 1 pm, the and mail servers began blocking outbound email from the Ocean platform. Although we have not heard a formal explanation from them, it appears to be related to a spike in use of Ocean patient messaging for cohort emails which triggered a spam blocking rule.

As a result of the block, emails sent to and addresses are not being delivered. We have paused email sends to these domains for the time being and will slowly increase sending to avoid triggering the spam blocking rule further.   

Please note that all emails to these domains sent since March 10, 1 pm may not yet have been received by their intended recipients. 

We will continue to update this ticket with information as it becomes available.

7:15pm: We have observed a small number of successful email deliveries to Bell / Sympatico and are slowly increasing the volume of email we sending to these email providers. We're starting to work through the backlog of email we've held back in the last 24 hours and will keep you up to date on our progress  

March 12: As of this morning, all backlogged emails have been processed properly and normal functionality has resumed.

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