OSCAR Pro: Create an "Ocean Connect" Provider and User in OSCAR

Create an Ocean-specific provider and EMR user account in OSCAR PRO. Cloud Connect will automatically use this provider/user to sync with your EMR.

Note: You will need to be an admin user in OSCAR PRO to complete this step.

Prerequisite: For OSCAR Pro (WELL Health) Clients

There are a few steps that WELL Health must complete on your OSCAR Pro instance before getting started with Ocean. Please follow the steps and complete the form found on the following page: ocean.tips/oscar-pro-request. A CognisantMD team member will follow up with you.

These Ocean Connect credentials will serve as a connecting user that Ocean Cloud Connect will use when configuring your EMR integration and saving notes to your EMR.

Note for OSCAR Pro EMRs using Pro Auth:

If your OSCAR Pro EMR has the Pro Auth module enabled, you can skip directly to Step 4 as the Ocean Connect user has already been created, and its credentials provided to you by WELL Health.

  • You can quickly determine if your EMR has the Pro Auth module enabled by checking your EMR log in screen.
  • If the PIN field is not visible upon login, the Pro Auth module is enabled.
  • If the PIN field is visible during login, the Pro Auth module is disabled, and you should continue following the steps outlined in this article.
  • If Pro Auth is enabled but you have not received your Ocean Connect user credentials from WELL Health, or you're not sure whether Pro Auth is enabled, please email OSCAR support at help@oscarprodesk.ca.
  1. Add a new "Ocean Connect" provider

    • Open your OSCAR EMR and click "Administration" to open the Administration Panel window.
    • From the Administration Panel window, click "Add a Provider Record".
      • Provider Number: any (can use the Suggest button)
      • Last Name: "Connect"
      • First Name: "Ocean"
      • Type: Doctor
      • Receives Ticklers: "checked"
      • When you are finished, click the "Add Provider Record" button to create the provider.
  2. Assign the Ocean Connect provider a primary role

    • In the Administration Panel window, under "User Management," click "Assign Role to Provider."
      • In the user table, assign the Ocean Connect user the role of "doctor," if it is not already set. Click "Add."
      • From the "Set primary role" section beneath the table, select the "Connect, Ocean" entry in the Providers dropdown and select "doctor" in the Role dropdown. Click "Set Primary Role."
  3. Add a new "Ocean Connect" EMR User

    • In the Administration Panel window, under User Management, click "Add a Login Record". Please reference the OSCAR User's Manual for more information about adding a login record for providers.
      • Username: OceanConnect (ensure there are no spaces)
      • Password: (set a secure password for this user and store it with your Ocean Shared Encryption Key).
      • Confirm: (retype the password above)
      • Provider Number: Connect, Ocean
      • Expiry Date: (set an expiry date far into the future)
      • PIN: (set a secure PIN for this user and store it with your Ocean Shared Encryption Key).
      • Confirm: (retype the PIN above)
      • Force Password Reset: false
      • When you are finished, click the "Add Record" button, and record your newly created credentials in your Ocean Credential Reference Card

        You will use this EMR user in Step 7 of the setup guide.

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