OSCAR Pro: Create your REST Client in OSCAR

Generate the required Client Key and Secret credentials to allow Ocean to connect and integrate with the EMR instance.

In this step, you will be creating a REST client in your OSCAR Pro EMR. This allows you to obtain your Client Key and Client Secret, which you will need in the final step when configuring Ocean Cloud Connect.

1. Access OSCAR Pro REST Clients

  • Log in to your OSCAR Pro EMR and open the 'Administration' panel using the button at the top of the page.
  • In the sidebar menu, select 'Integrations' and then click 'REST Clients'.
  • Click the blue 'Add New' button.

2. Create the Client

  • In the 'Create Client' window, enter the following values:

    Name: Ocean

    URI: https://cloudconnect.cognisantmd.com/oscar/oauth1/callback

    Token Lifetime (seconds): -1

  • Click 'Add Client'.
  • The generated Client Key and Client Secret will be added to the table of REST clients.

    Record them in your Ocean Credential Reference Card.

    You will use these in the next step when setting up Cloud Connect.

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