OSCAR Pro: Create a Shortcut to the Ocean eForm on the Schedule

This shortcut will allow you to easily access Ocean features directly from a patient's appointment entry on the OSCAR Pro day sheet.

1. Display the Ocean Shortcut on Your OSCAR Pro Schedule

  • Within OSCAR Pro, click the 'Preferences' button.
  • In the Preferences window, locate the 'eForms to display on appointment screen' setting and enable the 'Ocean' eForm.
  • Click 'Update' to save your changes.

2. Test Your Shortcut

  • The 'Oc.' shortcut to the Ocean eForm will now exist on each patient’s appointment in the Schedule.
  • Click the shortcut. This opens the Ocean eForm in a new window.

User-Specific Configuration Required

Please Note: Setting up the 'Oc.' day sheet shortcut to the Ocean eForm is a user-specific configuration.

Each individual user in your OSCAR Pro EMR must perform the steps outlined above if they wish to display the 'Oc.' shortcut on the day sheet.

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