May 30, 2020 COVID-19 eForm Update

  • The forms have been updated based on various sources including Ontario's May 28, 2020 provincial testing guidelines
  • The clinical note has been condensed to reduce chart clutter, which is particularly useful for the email screening form, the kiosk screening form, and the online booking screening form. The note headings have been removed and "No" questions have been combined into single statements for each section ("No travel or potential exposures reported.", "No covid-related symptoms.")
  • A note summary is now included for positive screens to document the advice given to the patient in the form itself ("Advised to contact healthcare provider, consider testing, wear a mask, use contact precautions, and self-isolate.")
  • The email screen and triaging forms are now compatible with Ocean's email notification "red flag" feature, such that completion notification emails will include " - RED" in the subject and "The note has been flagged as red." in the email notification body. This feature allows clinics to set up workflows to follow up in a more timely manner for positive screens.
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